What We Do

ADAA works to make a significant and sustainable impact on the un-met needs of the Deaf community such as education, communication and health and life opportunities.

Our aim is to strive to change the lives of deaf children and adults alike in Africa by enabling them to attain and achieve their goals and aspirations.

We also advocate for Deaf children, a young persons right to education and communication.

Our fields of work will include:

Education and training
Education is the best gift you could ever receive, because once you have it, no one can ever take it from you.”

The policy of  “education for all” has failed Deaf children and we know too many deaf children in Africa who live in poverty, they still have no school to go to, not because they do not want to but because there is not any available for them.  ADAA believe that education has the power to transform deaf children’s lives, now and for generations to come.  We want to see as many children going to school and young people attending employment training as possible.

Education is many children’s route out of poverty. It gives them a chance to gain valuable knowledge and skills, and an opportunity to improve their lives.

Employment and income generation
We aim to work with the most economically disadvantaged Deaf communities in Africa where there are not any livelihood opportunities that exist for young adults both girls and boys. We intend to initiate a small livelihood programme. The income generating opportunities cover a wide range of activities, including hair salons, tailoring shops, shoes making/repairs.  In some cases we will provide small grants for business start-up.

ADAA aims to provide a way for Deaf young people and family members of our beneficiaries to earn an independent living. Our Income Generating Activities aim to provide transferable skills and create earning opportunities for poor Deaf young people  and their families in Africa.

Communication and Sign Language  Interpreters
ADAA believes that “having great communication skills is important to success in relationships, work, and life in general.” This is why we are motivated to support Deaf children and Deaf young people who encounter communication barriers in their daily lives.  We want to see the Deaf community we work with have access to qualified sign language interpreters (both males and females) and therefore able to express their needs and wishes in a way that develop their confidence and self-reliance.

Community Development and Information
We intend to develop a community and information programme, which we hope will help Deaf communities to identify their own needs and plan their own activities.

This will encourage  Deaf young people to gather together and to learn from each other as well as enhancing the capacity of parents and young Deaf people to come together to participate in lobbying and awareness raising activities. It will also provide information and facilitate debates on Deaf issues and national and international events that matter to the Deaf community.

ADAA and its partners aim to lobby governments to recognise the unique challenges faced by Deaf people and to provide education, employment and health.