Meet the Team

Chris Kubwimana

Chris Kubwimana (Founder and Chairman) I was born in Burundi, Africa.  I am passionate about basic human rights and freedom of choice.  In 1997-2000 I worked with International Rescues Committee (IRC) in Kenya, advising both deaf and hearing refugees on deaf issues and services.  I also developed Sign language there. I visited my homeland in 2006. Little had been done to help deaf children and young adults.  So, I gathered friends and family in London to initiate ADAA in 2007.

Following this, I graduated with a degree in Social Work in 2008.




ADAA 013

Jeremy Yankey (Board Member) I was born in England but am originally from Ghana.

Hearing people operate many charities. I am involved with ADAA because it is a Deaf-led charity and is capable of taking the responsibility to help and empower our deaf peers.

I want to help improve and transform the lives of deaf people in Africa enabling them to be in a better position.

If possible, it is better to experience Africa for yourself!



ADAA 015Emma Dodd (Treasurer) I work as a CSW in colleges and in the work place, before that I supported Deaf people with learning disabilities or mental health issues. Chris talked with me and invited me to join to improve my sign language and learn more on deaf issues in Africa.







Matthew (Deaf) lives and works in London. He wants to help ADAA continue its work, particularly in making a difference and helping deaf people in Burundi and other African countries to have equal access to education, employment, communication and have equal rights in the society where they live.

As well as his work with ADAA, Matthew is involved in other charity and community work both in the UK and abroad.