About Us

Aurora Deaf Aid Africa (ADAA) is a small development charity based in the UK.  We are registered in the UK with the Charity Commission registered charity number 1163339. We work with Deaf people and their families in Africa.  Deaf people in some countries in Africa have no school to attend and are destined for a life of dependency, without help or education.  Deaf children are often seen as a social and financial burden to their families. We aim to create a world where Deaf children and young people are not see as a burden but as individuals who can attain and achieve their aspirations.   They are also able to make an impact and contribute to society where they live.

Our vision
Our vision is where Deaf people in Africa can enjoy equal rights and inclusion in all social, cultural, economic, educational and political arenas.

Our mission
Our mission is to strive to change the lives of Deaf children and adults alike in Africa by enabling them to attain and achieve their goals and aspirations.

Our history
ADAA came into existence in 2007.  It was established by Chris Kubwimana, the Director and Founder, who become deaf at age twelve in Burundi. Chris has experience working with Deaf people in various countries across Africa and currently lives in the UK.  When Chris returned to Burundi in 2006 on a visit, what he saw caused him grave concern and inspired him to develop Aurora Deaf Aid Africa (ADAA) which was set up the following year.  A committee, formed mainly of Deaf people and some hearing, with strong interests in African Deaf issues and equality was established.